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The Decline to State project urges Americans to refuse to check "race boxes" when requested to do so for college admission, employment, bidding on a contract, or any other government purpose. There is no logical reason why the government needs to know our skin color in order to fulfill its role of serving the people. Race classifications by the government are inherently flawed and, in the view of Nelson Mandela, are "inhuman," because they seek to subdivide the human race into artificial subgroups.

If America has any hope of becoming "colorblind," the American people are going to have to take matters into their own hands and stop checking the race boxes. Without the data that results from racial bean counting, state and local agencies and universities can be stopped in their tracks in their insidious use of race.

I hope you will join us today in supporting this vital project. If we get rid of the race boxes, we rid ourselves of all the evils of race by taking the government out of the race business.


Ward Connerly